Seegulls EP

by Seegulls

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Our debut, self titled EP! Enjoy...


released August 25, 2016

Music: Seegulls
Lyrics: James Kitchen
Production/Mixing: Sugar House
Artwork: James Kirkham



all rights reserved


Seegulls Chester, UK

Seegulls met in Chester in late 2014 with a mutual desire to take over the world. Fusing catchy guitar lines, passionately sung lyrics and an unrivalled energy, Seegulls offer something fresh to the decaying genre of indie rock.

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Track Name: Reach Out
I always make the wrong decisions, I fight against my minds collision with my heart
I never make the proposition because I see the end before I've even had the start

Would it be wrong if I reach out to you
Held your hand before I even knew you
Is it alright if I reach out to you
Can I ask you back to mine?

We wanna make our whole perception, onlooking eyes that make no notion to the scene
We analyse the situation before we go anywhere we're supposed to be

Cos we all sometimes make mistakes
With a different type we're not supposed to date
We look alright but we're terrified and we're reaching out and we're falling and I don't even know where we stand
Track Name: Good Enough
You've fallen behind
You had more than you could stomach last night
It's been playing on your mind a while
Forcing you to raise a smile

Home at the same time each night
Become innocuous to that boring, mundane life
That you grew up around
You swore that you'd get out

You're trapped in the town that one day you said you'd repay
But it's given you nothing but hours of action replay

Everything you've ever said and everything you've done is never good enough, it's not good enough
All the drinks you drink and all the drugs you take and all the girls you kiss cannot be good enough

Your night's not been great
So what would be the harm if you exaggerate
To put your naming lights down there
Try to make somebody care

You're lodged inside this scene
I guess that's what happens when you break the routine
And make somebody notice you
With something other than the things you try to do

You're trapped in your head that you said that you'd always escape
But it's offered you nothing but slow motion, thought processed ways

Track Name: Explode
I've been feeling somewhat distant lately trapped inside this cage
Sort of unsentimental with a kind of rage
And I've been doing all these stupid things with people I don't like
Almost every other night
See, as I survey the damage and as I feel the pain
The cuts seem to scream out your name
But its hard to feel human when you're so cannibalised
It's you who made me realise

There's something different I can claim
But it doesn't matter anyway
I guess there's nothing more that I can say

My lungs are filling up with the expectation
And I'm drowning on my own dehydration
You're building me up until I just explode
Before you go now...

Now, I've been feeling somewhat different lately, tied into this skin
Something like one day I'll win
Its easier to talk to people when I'm not even high
I don't even have to try
But there's a fire coming from you and I just can't put it out
I guess I just can't live without

That touch that makes me lose my breath
And grasp another cigarette
You know I'm after something I can't get

Hanging on our last conversation
Coming through to the realisation
Building me up until I just explode
Before you go now
Track Name: The Right Light
We've been waiting this entire night
For the music to be something we like
For the smell of the student slime
To die down or to leave us behind

I'm a sucker for a happy ending
I'm a loner, I'm a virgin pending
I take drugs but I don't get high
And I've been waiting here now since half past nine

And maybe in the morning I'll be happy when I wake up

So tell me something I don't know
And maybe slip something under my tongue so I'm good to go
And I've already forgot all the words that you've said to me tonight
As long as you look alright in The Right Light

Do our eyes look too similar?
Is my mind to considerate?
Or are we just too young to notice- too inexperienced or too out of focus?

And maybe tonight it won't take me three hours to drift off
And maybe I can use the line "ten seconds to lift off"